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Scheduling appointments simplified. Your personal app.

Accept appointments online and allow clients to schedule their time with your business.

Boost your sales by automating your bookings

Powered by Eva™ appointment software
Schedule appointments
Manage bookings using your favorite calendar views: day, two day, threeday, week or month.
Reminder text messages
Save time and reduce no-shows with follow-up messaging, notifications & reminders.
Book and monitor with app
Let customers schedule appointments any time on via your app.
Get all the insights via integrated analytics, all the essential aspects and easy-to-read reports.
Manage clients
All you need to know about your clients: contact details, notes, history, payments.
Additional services
Provide customizable services and add additional services services while customers book your services.
Recurring booking
Appointments can be on one-time basis or recurring (e.g. get a manicure weekly!)
Multiple services
Allow to schedule multiple services at once, so time is picked the best way possible.
Sync with Apple and Google calendar
Integrations allow to easily add appointments to customer's calendar, all at one convenient place.


Dashboard of your locations and services.

Search and filter

Take a look at services and pricings.


Users enjoy full transparency of services and history of bookings.


User can choose the most convenient authorization method.


Never miss a booking with lots of notification options.


Having lots of locations is good, and Eva supports all of them.

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Perfect for small medium businesses