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Audio Editing For Busy Podcasters

EVA empowers Podcasters to grow their audiences and create great content without worrying about the time-consuming task of editing your Audio

EVA can edit your Podcast from just $1


Record Your Episode

Record your episode as you normally would using your digital recorders or Zencastr

Upload to your cloud of choice

Upload your raw recording, intro/outro episode image files to your cloud of choice such as Dropbox and Drive

We will edit your Audio

We will edit each episode to your specifications, adding your intro/outro’s and removing any unwanted audio to a professional finish

We will send it back

We will send it back to you Tagged & Mixed to Mp3 ready to be uploaded to your Podcast host of choice

Any Questions?

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One of our Tokens will get an episode of your Podcast edited and tagged.

You can purchase multiple Audio Tokens at one Time.


Each Token Costs $1.00

There will be a Surcharge of $2.00 for complex editing (Shows like Serial and Startup)

Order Tokens


Alternatively, you can Subscribe Monthly for $20.00 with an Audio Pass


  • Waiver all Surcharges
  • Receive Priority Editing


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EVA is dedicated to editing Visuals and Audio just for Podcasters. EVA will safeguard your time so you can concentrate on creating great content for your audience.