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Hi my name is Martin Hollands, and your are listening to season 1 episode 1 of this mini-series about setting you Podcast up for long term success.

To begin, Why do you want to start a Podcast? The reason for me saying this is because creating and maintaining a Podcast takes a lot of work, your why has to outweigh massively the work you will have to put in.

80% of new Podcasts started do not get past the 7th episode. There are a few reasons behind this:

Maybe they didn’t target the right audience, with Podcasts you have the ability to be laser focused on your target audience

Maybe they were not consistent with their publishing schedule. This can confuse listenership

Maybe their branding was not right

Or Maybe they just found it too demanding

Podcasts are the most intimate of media because 90% of all Podcasts are listened through headphones that are inserted into your ears.

Your Why has to be ever present when developing your podcast. This will always be the first step in podcasting

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