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Hi my name is Martin Hollands, and your are listening to season 1 episode 2 of this mini-series about setting you Podcast up for long term success.


This episode is about your podcast avatar. Basically, an avatar is an individual that you can describe in detail who is your ideal listener is.


For an excellent avatar, you have to be very, very specific.


Not only should you know their demographics, but you should have a good idea about what the biggest obstacles are and the pain points – and as importantly as what the pain points are, you would also know what that individual wants the MOST.


The avatar you are describing should be plotted in a creative brief document, this a living document that will shape your entire show, not just at the beginning but through its entire lifespan.


It will help create your shows branding, format, and scheduling. If you skip this step you could end up creating a show that is 60 minutes long 7 days a week for a listener that only has the bandwidth to listen to a 30-minute show 3 times a week.


Go to for a few additional resources.
Coming up on Episode 3 I talk about the format of your podcast.

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